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Hourglass Women

May 2009

geocities/Hourglass_Women becomes HourglassWomen.net: Hourglass Women has left GeoCities after 7 years as GeoCities is closed down in Oct 2009!

What is Hourglass Women?
There seem to be countless websites admiring the various physical aspects of women (breasts, bums, feet, etc.) Myself, I enjoy pictures of women with a pretty face and a curvy hourglass figure. Most images show women in bikinis because swimwear best reveals hourglass figures.

I hope that you enjoy it.
Women with Hourglass Figures
Site Organization:

There are three major sections to the site. According to your interest, please proceed to:
Asian Woman with Curvy Figure


I would like to hear back from those viewing the site --- and one of our models is an emergency plumber! Can you guess which one? Please send your comments to: [email protected]

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1 - PoorNothing worthwhile. A waste of electronic space.
Images of Models with Noteworthy Hips

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